Gen II Hayabusa GM 3 Bar Map Sensor Adapter Harness


This is for ECU Flashing.  This is the greatest part of Gen II Hayabusa ECU flashing in my opinion (sorry gen I Busa guys this isn't available for 02-07 bikes).  You can purchase a GM 3 bar map sensor, and using this adapter harness plug it directly in place of the stock map sensor without hacking any wiring etc.  Now you have the ability to map your bike via boost pressure vs rpm, which eliminates the need for another set of injectors and a stand alone fuel controller.  My personal 08 turbo made 356 hp using stock injectors, 1:1 fuel regulator set at 42 psi, using the gm 3 bar map sensor mapping.  Once you have this, you can also use ECU boost control solenoid kit to have a different boost level in every gear.  A GM 3 bar map sensor can be picked up through, Jegs, Summit, etc.


PRICE:  $25 + shipping (International Orders welcome, please email me for shipping costs)