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Below are some options to build your own kit if you prefer to do the wiring, but aren't the greatest at sourcing all of the parts, machining the case precisely, flashing the STC-1000 with the latest beer fermentation software etc.

The DIY kit consists of the following:

- STC-1000 flashed with latest software (v1.06 currently) w/temp sensor
- Plastic enclosure, pre-machined for:
- three prong 120V inlet (screw type mounting)
- zinc plated mounting screws and nylon insert locknuts
- 10amp time delay fuse
- (2) three prong 120V outlets
- two position molex connector male/female for temp sensor
- Mil-spec rubber grommet for temperature sensor exit
- 14 gauge wire for internal wiring of STC-1000 to inlets/outlets
- 6ft 16 gauge power cable

- **Optional Tri Color LED Option is a seperate add on.  You can either buy the LED/wire/resistor/LED holder seperate and wire it all yourself (must hardwire onto the SCT1000 circuit board) or a little extra I can wire it all up for you.  The LED has 4 pins coming off of it which are close together, for someone not used to soldering small components it could be a little challenging.

DIY Instructions - Use if you purchased your kit prior to 11/14/14
DIY Instructions - Use if you purchased your kit after 11/14/14

This is everything that you need to put together the kit in an hour or so.  Soldering is my personal preferred method to secure the wires to the inlets and outlets.  The connections at the STC-1000 are all terminal strip, just a screw driver is needed there.

The STC-1000+ software project (open source by alphaomega from is located at: 
and the thread for discussion of everything STC-1000+ related can be found here:

Availability:  As of 1/17/17 I no longer have any loose controllers (flashed or non-flashed).  Sorry, due to low demand I won't be stocking them any longer.

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