2002 - 2007 Suzuki Hayabusa ECU Flashing Interface



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  • Would you like to tune every aspect of your Hayabusa's FI system?
  • Would you like to free up space on your bike by removing other electronic components?
  • Would you like to stop cutting and splicing into your harness to install new electronics
  • Then ECU Flashing may just be for you.

Your Suzuki Hayabusa 02-07 ECU has many racing ECU features built in, just waiting for you to tune.  With a Boost by Smith interface you can now utilize your bike to it's full capacity.  This includes tuning the vacuum area maps, TPS maps, ignition maps, making your engine run very smoothly when cruising, and put down as much safe hp to the ground as possible.  With our interface you can also view engine sensor data to ensure correct operation of vacuum, ambient air, temperature, tps, gear position etc.  sensors with a laptop connected.  Previously all of this was available only for technical folks with a strong do it yourself ambition but by making this re-flashing interface for you we have tried to bring this new technology to everyone.

The interface I am offering is about a 5-10 minute install.

  • Hook a ground wire to the battery
  • Unlock the 34 pin ECU connector by pushing the white tab
  • Insert 4 wires into what were empty locations
  • T-tap or solder 1 wire onto the dash data wire also located at this 34 pin connector
  • Lock 34 pin connector back


That's it!  With the small harness attached to the ecu connector you can remove the interface box except when you need to tune, that way you still have tons of trunk space left.  Now just install the software, open up a base map, and you are ready to start unlocking the full potential of your Hayabusa.

To Install the LED shift light as pictured above, you will have to disconnect your flapper valve solenoid and insert the 2 male spade connectors into the existing connector on the bike, and run the wire up to the dash and mount the LED, a quick 5 minute install of a shift light.

Video of a flashed ECU revving to 11,500 RPM and controlling a LED shift light set to 10,800 RPM.

PetriK has blessed us with free software called ECUeditor which allows an enormous amount of tuning parameters, all with our stock 02-07 Hayabusa ECU.  The software is available for download at:
  Some of the features include:

  • Ability to view all sensors data with a laptop connected
  • Ability to change fueling maps (both IAP and TPS maps), ram air compensation
  • Ability to change ignition maps (you can add timing in the lower gears like a TRE does without messing up your gear based fuel curves)
  • Increase your factory rev limiter (current software supports up to 11,650 RPM, more RPM is possible)
  • Remove the 6th gear speed restriction with the click of a button
  • Change ram air compensation based on your gearing
  • Compensate for larger fuel injectors needed for high hp applications
  • Compensate for increased fuel pressure needed for high hp applications
  • Disable IAT compensation for dyno testing
  • Turn your ECU into an ignition / fuel kill box for use with an air/co2 shifter
  • Control a shift light, or any RPM based output using the stock flapper valve circuit
  • Switch-able map selection for NOS, different turbo boost levels, fuel types etc
  • Share maps with people across the world and contribute to new exciting features constantly being introduced and implemented.

Visit the ECU hack forum at CLICK-HERE for more information or with specific questions regarding flashing ECU's.

This is a list of ECU tuners in the USA, by no means is it all in-clusive, there are many more out there http://www.batchgeo.com/map/?i=610dcd0c391f5115202f094fb87ef7e3


Tutorial Videos Below

http://www.boostbysmith.com/directions/!START HERE BEFORE SOFTWARE INSTALLATION.pdf

Setting up proper comports www.boostbysmith.com/Videos/ecuvideo1.wmv

Setting up FTD for flashing www.boostbysmith.com/Videos/ecuvideo2.wmv

Basic Fuel / Ignition / Rev Limiter Changes www.boostbysmith.com/Videos/ecuvideo3.wmv

More Advanced Nitrous Tuning using MS feature, window, wot,etc. www.boostbysmith.com/Videos/ecuvideo4.wmv


*Dave Owen was well known in the motorcycle community and someone I considered a great friend.  He played a huge role in the R&D for ECU flashing and has left behind two sons in his recent passing.

In Laurenberg, N.C. September 27, 2008 Dave "DaveO" Owen died suddenly by accident at the age of 48. David was born in Taunton to his parents David and Elizabeth (Ruble) Owen of Rochester. David and Lauren (Deane) Owen have lived in North Dighton most of his life. He leaves his children Joshua and Jacob Owen both of North Dighton. His sister Susan Owen and her husband Frank Ventura of Rochester. David was a professional motorcycle tuner and racer. Dave started Land Speed Racing in April of 2004. In his LSR career he made over 150 passes with 120 of them being over 200 MPH. His teams, Brock Davidson Enterprise Suzuki and O’Man Racing, have collectively held 18 records all over 200 MPH. His proudest moment occurred in September of 2007 when his oldest son Josh rode Dave’s unfaired bike to a speed of 200.552 MPH and earned his entry into the exclusive ECTA 200 MPH Club! A prouder father just does not exist. Dave’s second proudest accomplishment was achieved during the May 2006 meet when Rick Stetson captured the record and title of Worlds Fastest Naturally Aspirated Open Wheeled Motorcycle by piloting Dave’s bike which Dave owned, built and tuned, to a speed of 222.123 MPH. With this same bike Dave won the Super Streetbike Top Speed Challenge Unlimited All Motor Class in 2006, 2007 and 2008. Dave’s most current accomplishment came at the hands of Charlie Anstaett of Team DaveO. Charlie achieved a record setting top speed of 259.856 MPH piloting his own Turbo Hayabusa which Dave built and tuned while also serving as Charlie’s Crew Chief. Dave was a member of both the ECTA 200 MPH club and the Texas Mile 200 MPH Club. Dave’s top LSR speed was 239.3 MPH achieved at the Texas Mile in March of 2008. Dave also had the opportunity to attend Speed Week on the Bonneville Salt Flats in August of 2008 as a tuner for Scott Guthrie Racing which achieved the top open-wheeled motorcycle record of the meet at 253.297 MPH. He was a fixture at many of the motorcycle drag racing events and heavily involved with AMA Dragbike. He was a tuner for many of the top teams including the 2005 AMA Dragbike 1000 Supersport National Championship team Brock’s Performance with rider Rickey Gadson, the 2006 AMA Dragbike 1000 Supersport National Championship team Brock’s Performance with rider Vince Woska Jr. Dave was a racer’s racer regardless of where he was and always helped everyone including his competition. He never thought twice about sharing his knowledge. Dave attended Southampton College in Southampton, N.Y. in 1979 where he studied marine biology, physics and calculus. He earned his degree in electronics at Rhode Island Institute of Technology in Providence, R.I. in 1986. Dave loved his sons and friends, one of his greatest joys was spending time with Jake watching James Bond movies and listening to Pink Floyd