STC-1000 + Fermentation Kit



-  32 Watt Fermwrap 2 sq. ft. surface area heater (evenly distribute heater across your fermenter)

-  #6 stopper Thermowell - Designed to fit either the 5, 6 or 6.5 gallon carboys #6 stopper, temp sensor slides right down into the 15" stainless thermowell.  Your 3 piece airlock goes in the center of the stopper.

-  STC-1000 + Assembled controller includes temp sensor and power cable, additional specs on software / hardware listed below.

-  You supply the fridge and you are ready to go!


Alphaomega from has developed a number of great features to turn your ordinary STC-1000 into the sensational fermentation chamber controller with features you see listed below.

  • Both Fahrenheit and Celsius versions
  • Up to 6 profiles with up to 10 setpoints in each profile.
  • Each setpoint can be held for 1-999 hours (i.e. up to ~41 days).
  • Web browser profile editor
  • Separate delay settings for cooling and heating
  • Configurable hysteresis (allowable temp swing) from 0.0 to 2.5C or 0.0 to 5.0F
  • User definable alarm when temperature is out of or within range
  • Units are currently being assembled with v1.06 software
  • for more information on the software and latest developments
  • User Manual is located here USER MANUAL


BrewsBySmith is taking the DIY out of this for you and building pre-assembled units with the following features.

  • STC-1000 + flashed with the latest and greatest beer fermenation firmware (includes temp sensor)
  • Small, flanged plastic enclosure for easy and convenient mounting
  • CNC machined cutouts for professional fit of STC-1000 and related inlet/outlets
  • CNC machined descriptions beneath heating/cooling outlets
  • 6ft 16 gauge 3 prong power cord included
  • 14 gauge wiring inside
  • Power inlet (120V) has 10amp time delay fuse installed
  • Temp sensor (included) has 2 pin molex connector installed to make controller removal from chamber easy and painless
  • Optional Tri-Color LED can be installed to make Heating & Cooling indication easier to detect (during heating, the LED illuminates Red, during cooling, the LED illuminates Blue.  The LED remains off when neither heating or cooling.
Tri-Color LED optional add-on is $15

Availability:  In stock and ready to ship.
International orders are welcome (assuming you have 110-120V electricity), please email me for shipping rates as I will have to manually calculate them.
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