GI PRO w/1N23455 Mapping w/ Custom DS Display


  • HealTech has been kind enough to come up with a custom design based on input I provided.  The normal GI PRO DS (smaller display) doesn't work on the Hayabusa's.  They have custom made up some units using a standard GI Pro, and then wired on a seperate smaller DS display, and added 1N23455 gear mapping.  This is the ultimate gear indicator in my opinion.  The plan for this product is to replace my GBC6 that I used to produce.
  • For an additional $15 this can be built with a ground output that is programmable on which gears it comes on, use this ground output to turn on items gear based, like nitrous, boost controllers etc.  The output is low level amperage and will need to have a relay to trigger items like solenoids.  This replaces the first gear lockout device I used to build.

Gear Indicator Pro w/1N23455 Mapping and DS Display


*1N23455 Gear mapping leaves everything stock except eliminates 6th gear to the ecu allowing you to pull to redline if you have the hp, aero's, and track to do so.

* Advanced "smart" TRE automatically switches off when bike is in neutral means smoother idle and less engine heat
* Can be set for 4th, 5th or 6th gear map (or disabled) at the touch of a button
* Auto brightness control: the sensitivity can be even fine tuned
* Can be set for 5th or 6th gear map at the touch of a button for compatibility with ALL Suzuki models!
* Always indicates the selected gear. It's not like others which don't work when the clutch is pulled in
* Selected gears are shown instantly with NO LAG
* True plug-n-go...Installation takes only 10 minutes on most models
* Auto Stand-by: when ignition is turned off, unit enters into low power mode and consumes 3mA only (less than a LED)
* In TRE mode the bike's top speed limiter is disabled and throttle response is better in 1st through 4th gear
* Auto Learn function: Unit is pre-programmed to suit most Suzuki bikes. However, if needed, the unit Learns the gear positions automatically. This ensures compatibility with all Suzuki EFI bikes
* Robust design: waterproof housing; Flash memory (non-volatile) to store user settings; in case of connection or power failure, the TRE mode reverts back to Normal operation


Price:  $170.00 (email for international shipping) This item drop ships from Healtech in Hungary 3 days after payment received and comes air mail, usually takes about 2 weeks to receive from time of payment.

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