STC-1000 + Pre-assembled Temperature Controller



The Pre-assmbled STC-1000 + is here for your fermentation chamber pleasure


Alphaomega from has developed a number of great features to turn your ordinary STC-1000 into the sensational fermentation chamber controller with features you see listed below.

  • Both Fahrenheit and Celsius versions (please email me for Celcius version)
  • Up to 6 profiles with up to 10 setpoints in each profile.
  • Each setpoint can be held for 1-999 hours (i.e. up to ~41 days).
  • Web browser profile editor
  • Separate delay settings for cooling and heating
  • Configurable hysteresis (allowable temp swing) from 0.0 to 2.5C or 0.0 to 5.0F
  • User definable alarm when temperature is out of or within range
  • Units are currently being assembled with v1.07 software
  • for more information on the software and latest developments
  • User Manual is located here USER MANUAL


BrewsBySmith is taking the DIY out of this for you and building pre-assembled units with the following features.

  • STC-1000 + flashed with the latest and greatest beer fermenation firmware (includes temp sensor)
  • Small, flanged plastic enclosure for easy and convenient mounting (white enclosure available upon request)
  • CNC machined cutouts for professional fit of STC-1000 and related inlet/outlets
  • CNC machined descriptions beneath heating/cooling outlets
  • 6ft 16 gauge 3 prong power cord included
  • Power inlet (120V) has 10amp time delay fuse installed
  • Temp sensor connects to controller box through a panel mounted mono jack connector installed to make controller removal from chamber easy and painless
  • Optional Tri-Color LED can be installed to make Heating & Cooling indication easier to detect (during heating, the LED illuminates Red, during cooling, the LED illuminates Blue.  The LED remains off when neither heating or cooling.
  • Optional DUAL TEMP SENSOR:  adding a second temp sensor (software is already setup for it) will allow you to monitor wort and ambient air temp of your chamber.  It will allow you to stop cooling or heating prior to reaching the setpoint to help under/over shooting of your target temp.  The amount you let ambient and wort temperature differ before turning off heating/cooling is adjustable as well.
  • PRO EDITION Optional panel mounted programming connector with pre-assembled Arduino pro-mini.  This will allow you to setup your profile settings on your computer using alphaomega's html editor HTML LINK, and then flash to the controller instead of manually entering each setpoint and duration using the push button's.  Pro edition will come with dual sensor, indication LED, programming connector, and Arduino mini.  Video showing some of the PRO features

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The STC-1000+ software project (open source by alphaomega from is located at: 
and the thread for discussion of everything STC-1000+ related can be found here:

Availability:  As of 1/17/17 I only have the base controllers.  I am out of the LED, Dual Temp Sensor, and Pro Models.  I am not planning to build any additional at this time.

International orders are welcome (assuming you have 110-120V electricity), please email me for shipping rates as I will have to manually calculate them.
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Pro Edition shown below with dual temp sensor, and programming header with Adruino Pro-Mini flashing device

Adruino Pro-Mini flashing device that is included with the PRO edition